*2nd online class now available

....Trees.... grounding...we are all connected .....

we had to chop a little bit off the beginning to make it fit🤔 so please prepare yourself, settle, arrive in your practice, scan & relax your body....then press play! Next week we might even get it right....watch this space....namaste lovely yogis & yoginis🙏❤️

To my dear yoga family,

I’m missing you alI so much & I hope you are all keeping well & safe, and coping with whatever difficulties have been created in your life by coronavirus.

Colin & myself are both well & fit & trying our best to find a new way to negotiate through our own personal pathway, whilst keeping a smile on our faces!!!

We have been working on getting an online class onto my website….. & I know most of you know me quite well & might not be surprised that this has been an incredible challenge for me.  A tricky technical challenge, combined with fear & nerves & the terror of not being good enough in this fast moving, modern world.  To be fair Colin has been in charge of most of the technical stuff! 

But we now have an offering and we hope you enjoy it.   It is not without hitches, & I have to apologise now that the 1st bit of the 2nd half of the sun salute has somehow disappeared… so if you choose to purchase it, please pause after the right side… keep moving (I know you all know it) until you get to the plank, then start the recording again…. I’m so sorry and promise to try harder next time.

It’s a lovely activating, flowing practice, with a (faulty) sun salute, some pranayama & a lovely relaxation at the end.

I am hoping that by bringing me into your home, you will feel my energy, be nourished by my smile, be calmed by my voice (or even amused at some points!) and feel soothed, safe and part of our little community.  I am hoping this will be a benefit to you all in these scary times and that in some small way I can be of comfort to you.

So head to our website www.yogawithmelanie.com

If you want to view or download the class please transfer £6 to my account and put your name as a reference (Please let me know if you need my bank details), & please let me know when you’ve transferred the money.  If you are struggling financially too, you can actually watch it without paying me, so please pay me if you are able to, but if you can’t then I would still like you to be able to connect with me, so just watch it for free, or make an occasional donation.  Whatever is possible for you.

Go to the video tutorials page.  

At the moment there’s 1 video on it (this will change weekly, hopefully on Wednesday for £6 per video), then press the play video button. You can also download the video using the download icon at the bottom of black screen.

It should then play automatically

If you are struggling, please call me or text on 07765 441109

Please give us some feedback, let us know how we’ve done! Can you see, hear me etc.  Also there maybe something you are particularly missing that you would like me to put in a class.. just ask, I’ll do my best.

I hope to do a class each week and possibly a meditation class too each week if this works and also a few free gifts of small breathing practices, relaxations, meditations. (These are in the video section, go to MORE then VIDEO).  At the moment you can access, me singing the Gayatri Mantra and my Mum doing a lovely little flow at sunset.  


So I’m going to sign off for now & I very much look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.  Take care of yourselves, your loved ones, & anybody else you can be kind too.  Please feel that you can call me or send me a message at anytime, (07796 944645) if you need help, if you feel isolated, if you just want to hear a friendly voice.  We are stronger if we work together  & shine our lights out to each other.

May you be happy

May you be well

May you be safe

May you be at ease


Melanie & Colin xxx